1. Site levelling costs

Tender Ref SDL/EM/CW

The site measures a total of 3 acres. Seed delight is desirous of setting up greenhouses on this site and requires site services. The service provider will be expected to clear off any ensuing remaining vegetation remaining on the ground and level off the ground with an earth moving machine to attain the desired levels (approximately 3 %). The area to be graded/Levelled off and made ready include. - Greenhouse construction site - Access roads to the greenhouses

2. Greenhouse supply and construction

Tender Ref : SDL /EM/GH

Below are the specification of the greenhouses desired: - Made of Galvanized pipe steel. - Able to withstand wind load to acceptable limit (> 80km/hr) - Gutter height of 3M - Length of 52 m per bay - Have a width of 8m per bay - A total of 3 bays required with a minimum 1m corridor on both sides. - A top vent to aid in air circulation - To supply all required construction materials and labour required including supervision for the greenhouse erection.

3. Customer Management system

Tender Ref: SDL/EM/CMS

SDL is desirous of creating a customer management system to help improve the customer service levels. This will involve tracking the stock levels in the company, engaging customers with update information on offers in the company, allowing real time access to the database on a dashboard. Below are the specifications of the desired CMS. - Inventory Management: the system should allow for updating of stock levels in a real time manner and allow for different inventory queries and reports. - Database management: create a robust database for all the pertinent information. - Cloud based server: manage the database from the cloud besides the physical server in the farm. - SMS service: create a bulk sms system for communicating with the farmers. - Dashboard: create an interactive dashboard for availing management information to different system users.

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